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func chilkatTest() {
    // This example assumes the Chilkat API to have been previously unlocked.
    // See Global Unlock Sample for sample code.

    let http = CkoHttp()
    var success: Bool

    // Adds the "Authorization: Bearer {{accessToken}}" header.
    http.AuthToken = "{{accessToken}}"

    let sbResponseBody = CkoStringBuilder()
    success = http.QuickGetSb("{{apiVersion}}/accounts/{{accountId}}/templates/{{templateId}}", sbContent: sbResponseBody)
    if success == false {

    print("Response status code = \(http.LastStatus.intValue)")


Curl Command

curl -X GET
	-H "Authorization: Bearer {{accessToken}}"{{apiVersion}}/accounts/{{accountId}}/templates/{{templateId}}

Postman Collection Item JSON

  "name": "17. Get Template Definition",
  "request": {
    "method": "GET",
    "header": [
        "key": "Authorization",
        "value": "Bearer {{accessToken}}"
    "url": {
      "raw": "{{baseUrl}}/{{apiVersion}}/accounts/{{accountId}}/templates/{{templateId}}",
      "host": [
      "path": [
    "description": "If one is not sure which template is the one they want to use, they can fetch the template after listing it and verify that it is the one they want to use."
  "response": [