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#import <CkoHttp.h>
#import <CkoJsonObject.h>
#import <CkoHttpResponse.h>

// This example assumes the Chilkat API to have been previously unlocked.
// See Global Unlock Sample for sample code.

CkoHttp *http = [[CkoHttp alloc] init];
BOOL success;

// Use this online tool to generate code from sample JSON: Generate Code to Create JSON

// The following JSON is sent in the request body.

// {
//   "strategy": "deleteSource",
//   "source": "{{source_collection_uid}}",
//   "destination": "{{destination_collection_uid}}"
// }

CkoJsonObject *json = [[CkoJsonObject alloc] init];
[json UpdateString: @"strategy" value: @"deleteSource"];
[json UpdateString: @"source" value: @"{{source_collection_uid}}"];
[json UpdateString: @"destination" value: @"{{destination_collection_uid}}"];

[http SetRequestHeader: @"Content-Type" value: @"application/json"];
[http SetRequestHeader: @"X-API-Key" value: @"{{postman_api_key}}"];

CkoHttpResponse *resp = [http PostJson3: @"" contentType: @"application/json" json: json];
if (http.LastMethodSuccess == NO) {

NSLog(@"%d",[resp.StatusCode intValue]);

Curl Command

curl -X POST
	-H "X-API-Key: {{postman_api_key}}"
	-H "Content-Type: application/json"
	-d '{
    "strategy": "deleteSource",
    "source": "{{source_collection_uid}}",
    "destination": "{{destination_collection_uid}}"

Postman Collection Item JSON

  "name": "Merge a Fork",
  "request": {
    "method": "POST",
    "header": [
        "name": "Content-Type",
        "key": "Content-Type",
        "value": "application/json"
    "body": {
      "mode": "raw",
      "raw": "{\n    \"strategy\": \"deleteSource\",\n    \"source\": \"{{source_collection_uid}}\",\n    \"destination\": \"{{destination_collection_uid}}\"\n}"
    "url": {
      "raw": "",
      "protocol": "https",
      "host": [
      "path": [
    "description": "This endpoint allows you to merge a forked collection back to its destination collection.\n\nOn successful creation of the collection, the response returns the collection `name`, `id` and `uid`.\n\nYou need to specify the fork UID (as `source`) and destination collection UID (as `destination`) in the request body.\n\nOptionally, you can also specify the merge strategy as either `deleteSource` or `updateSourceWithDestination`. Following is an explanation of the merge strategies\n\n| Merge Strategy | Behaviour |\n| --- | --- |\n| deleteSource | Forked collection is deleted after merging |\n| updateSourceWithDestination | Forked collection is up to date with changes in destination collection |\n\nIf the collections cannot be merged (due to conflicts), appropriate error messages will be returned.\n\n\n> Requires <a href=\"#authentication\">API Key</a> as `X-Api-Key` request header or `apikey` URL query parameter."
  "response": [