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ListDomains VB6 Example

AWS CodeArtifact

' This example requires the Chilkat API to have been previously unlocked.
' See Global Unlock Sample for sample code.

Dim rest As New ChilkatRest
Dim success As Long

Dim authAws As New ChilkatAuthAws
authAws.AccessKey = "AWS_ACCESS_KEY"
authAws.SecretKey = "AWS_SECRET_KEY"

' Don't forget to change the region to your particular region. (Also make the same change in the call to Connect below.)
authAws.Region = "us-west-2"
authAws.ServiceName = "codeartifact"
' SetAuthAws causes Chilkat to automatically add the following headers: Authorization, X-Amz-Date
success = rest.SetAuthAws(authAws)

' URL:
' Use the same region as specified above.
success = rest.Connect("",443,1,1)
If (success <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print "ConnectFailReason: " & rest.ConnectFailReason
    Debug.Print rest.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' The following code creates the JSON request body.
' The JSON created by this code is shown below.

' Use this online tool to generate code from sample JSON:
' Generate Code to Create JSON

Dim json As New ChilkatJsonObject
success = json.UpdateInt("maxResults",123)
success = json.UpdateString("nextToken","string")

' The JSON request body created by the above code:

' {
'   "maxResults": number,
'   "nextToken": "string"
' }

success = rest.AddHeader("Content-Type","application/x-amz-json-1.1")
success = rest.AddHeader("X-Amz-Target","ListDomains")

Dim sbRequestBody As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = json.EmitSb(sbRequestBody)
Dim sbResponseBody As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = rest.FullRequestSb("POST","/v1/domains",sbRequestBody,sbResponseBody)
If (success <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print rest.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

Dim respStatusCode As Long
respStatusCode = rest.ResponseStatusCode
Debug.Print "response status code = " & respStatusCode
If (respStatusCode <> 200) Then
    Debug.Print "Response Header:"
    Debug.Print rest.ResponseHeader
    Debug.Print "Response Body:"
    Debug.Print sbResponseBody.GetAsString()
    Exit Sub
End If

Dim jResp As New ChilkatJsonObject
success = jResp.LoadSb(sbResponseBody)

' The following code parses the JSON response.
' A sample JSON response is shown below the sample code.

' Use this online tool to generate parsing code from sample JSON:
' Generate Parsing Code from JSON

Dim arn As String
Dim createdTime As Long
Dim encryptionKey As String
Dim name As String
Dim owner As String
Dim status As String

Dim nextToken As String
nextToken = jResp.StringOf("nextToken")
Dim i As Long
i = 0
Dim count_i As Long
count_i = jResp.SizeOfArray("domains")
Do While i < count_i
    jResp.I = i
    arn = jResp.StringOf("domains[i].arn")
    createdTime = jResp.IntOf("domains[i].createdTime")
    encryptionKey = jResp.StringOf("domains[i].encryptionKey")
    name = jResp.StringOf("domains[i].name")
    owner = jResp.StringOf("domains[i].owner")
    status = jResp.StringOf("domains[i].status")
    i = i + 1

' A sample JSON response body parsed by the above code:

' {
'   "domains": [
'     {
'       "arn": "string",
'       "createdTime": number,
'       "encryptionKey": "string",
'       "name": "string",
'       "owner": "string",
'       "status": "string"
'     }
'   ],
'   "nextToken": "string"
' }